Wednesday, December 28, 2011



I'm having the toughest time getting back into the swing of healthy eating after the holidays.  Is anyone else out there having this problem?  Or am I the only chubby bloated pathetic loser out here?

I've eaten SO MUCH in the past three weeks.  I've gained back SIX pounds.  And my appetite is on over-drive, still!  Totally carb-fueled, sugar-infused, pop-drenched, and salt-soaked.  Chex Mix and Christmas cookies up the waazoo and cases of Coke Classic and Creme Soda and Dr. Pepper and cheesecake bars and Chex mix and maragritas and crackers and GOOD cheese and Cherry-Coconut-Powdered Sugar Balls and did I mention CHEX MIX?!

I'm starving today.  My mother, sister and I technically started a "Christmas Detox" this Monday, with weekly weigh-ins and personal food journals and a private Facebook group (we're the "Shrinking Divas!") and daily reports of our progress and shared motivation.  We're all struggling this week, as we're still surrounded by leftovers.  But soon, they'll all be gone and we won't buy (or bake) any more, for a very VERY long time.

Wishing I could blink these ugly, itchy 6 pounds away.  They SUCK.

My newest goal is to lose 30 by mid-March.  

How's everyone doing? 

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