Thursday, October 13, 2011

I'm back baby! WOO!!

I know... you're thinking "Oh great.   ANOTHER post from Anne about how great she feels and how skinny she's getting."

THAT'S RIGHT!!   I am friggen awesome!

First of all, I swear to you that chakra massage totally flipped on a switch in my brain and I'm still feeling so damn good from that.  And trust me, we have some stress going on in our little world so for me to be sitting here feeling so good and so strong and so confident that everything is going to be OK...  well, do the math.

Second of all, I found clothes today.  At JCP of all places...  I really had to dig, but I found just the simple wardrobe basics that I needed going into fall and winter.  Age appropriate - check.  Classic but not matronly - check.  Most important, on sale - check! 

I wasn't sure just what sizes to get so I had to take 2 of everything into the dressing rooms with me.  For pants, before my new way of eating, I was pushing a size 16.  Yes, it's true.  So I tried on a 14 just to see what would happen...  um, yeah I could pull them up without having to unzip or unbutton them first.   The 12's fit good!  I've always been a size 10/12 so it felt great even while standing there in that unflattering, flickering florescent lighting of the dressing room. 

Tops though...  that's still my flubby area.  While my midsection no longer looks like a pregnant Michelin Man's, it still has a ways to go.  I could do a large, but I'm too self conscious about that spare tire so I went with an XL.  I'd rather the sweater look too big for me rather than me looking too big for that sweater.

My next step?  Kettle bells.  Coach Lisa's husband is also a kettle bells instructor, so I'm going to start taking those classes too.  It evidently really works the core, which is my trouble zone.  Wish you girls could come with me.  I feel a little intimidated.

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