Sunday, October 23, 2011

Easy as apple pie...

and tasty, too.  Greetings from Anne's world!

Need a sweet treat?  You've maybe already tried this and I'm sitting here thinking I'm so awesome when really I'm not as genius as I think I am.  Oh well!

Anyway, slice up an apple, simmer it in a pan with a little bit of water and some cinnamon until tender to your liking. (it smells heavenly)  Let it cool, then pour it over your plain vanilla yogurt.  Top with pecans (or not) and enjoy. 

Flippin easy and it's so yummy. 

I also made oatmeal and honey apple crisp (yes, I have a ton of apples to use up from our trip to the orchard) that was soooooo good.   And relatively sorta almost totally healthy.  I could post that recipe if anyone wants it.



  1. I'd like to see that recipe! I have a ton of apples to use up, too. I have made one apple crisp recipe every fall, from my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, but it's NOT diet-friendly... It's extremely sweet, and gooey, and therefore delicious...! But I'd love to find a healthier one if possible...

    I love the simmered-apples over yogurt idea! I am eating exclusively Greek yogurt now, but the plain is TOO bitter, so I have been limited to the flavored varieties... My favorites are the Dannon/Oikos honey, lime, peach, black cherry, and strawberry flavors... all between 120 and 140 calories, so not too bad...!

  2. I get the plain yogurt and flavor it myself with honey or flavored protien powder and fruit. At least with the honey, I can control the amount that goes in, and it's WAY better than refined sugars. Research the benefits of honey and you will be completely into it. I will post the apple crisp recipe...

    I'm just so excited for you!!