Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I just found an almond under my keyboard.

Mmmmmm....stale protein.

Hi, it's Anne.  I've been off line for a little while and I'm glad you were all so worried about me!  Oh, you weren't that worried?  OK, that's cool. 

My guru Lisa is on a little vacay - you know what they say:  When the cat's away, the mice will play.  Well, not this rodent.  I've been diligently following the plan and doing well.  The weight loss has slowed a bit, but according to the fancy-shmancy scale I'm losing fat and building muscle so I can handle the plateau that I seem to be riding.  And HELLO!  Last week I was remeasured and I have lost a total of 14 3/4 inches!!  That's over a foot of blech, people!!    Hey, I found another pair of pants that fit!!  Nice!  I need to wear a belt!  Yes!  (you gotta celebrate the little things)

I am missing my nutritionista extraordinaire though.  That counseling part of this journey is a key part of my success.  Yes, I can figure out my menu and stick to it just fine.  But it's not nearly as fun on my own.   I miss the pep talks and the overload of information and I even miss that fancy shmancy scale. I keep glancing at my crackberry waiting, just waiting for that text msg "Water?  Protein snack??" but since they are in Jamaica, and the rate for texting would probably cost more than their vacation itself, no messages are there.  AND she deserves to have a break from all of us tubbies.  We are adults.  We should be able to go a week without her.

It's harder than it sounds.

So, I'm trying not to self destruct by keeping myself very busy.  (hence the lack of posts)  I went to pick up some of my favorite long sleeved T's (the brand is Ruff Hewn - love 'em!) and I got to buy a smaller size.  Hey, L is better than XL. (I have long limbs, right?)  I also picked up a pair of pants, thought "hmm, these are cute", tried them on and they fit like they were made just for me - and in a smaller size.  And I need a belt!   (sorry, I'm a little excited about the belt thing)

Also cleaned out my closet.  Got rid of the summer t-shirts with the pit stains etc...  It's a good thing that I lost some weight as now those clothes that I kept in case I got thinner again are fitting.  Why by new when slightly used will do?  I have been shopping for some new things to add to the wardrobe, but other than the long sleeved T's, I haven't found crap.  Where the hell are the normal clothes??   So disappointed. 

Tomorrow is field trip day with the 2nd grade.  That has to burn at least 1,000 calories an hour.   And I'm treating myself to another massage on Friday.  I cannot wait for that...  the last one was heavenly.

Let's all take a deep breath in .... and let it out.  Repeat.  I need to stretch and then go to bed.  Take care ladies!

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  1. Glad to hear things are still going well, Anne! I've been lacking motivation here; I'm dreading winter and the slothenly attitude I always take on. ("What?! It's WARMER when I have a little "winter fat!") LAMEST EXCUSE EVER!!! ROTFL!

    Keep up the great work and congrats on the belts and smaller sizes and cleaning out the old clothes. I'm plateaued at the same weight I've been SINCE MAY, but I'm not exactly discouraged - yet> I haven't been diligent, and so I haven't expected any miracles. I've made a few smallish goals for myself... I'm hoping to lose 10 pounds buy my 4th anniversary (October 29th), then 10 more by Thanksgiving, and then a final 7 by Christmas. So, roughly 27 pounds to lose in about 80 days. On paper, it's totally do-able. Now for the hard part.......

    Keep up the awesome work, Anne! :o)