Friday, October 14, 2011

Anne doesn't mean to brag...

Oh, hell yes I do!!

Got an early start to my walk with Max this morning...  it's a chilly one so I wore my LL Bean walking pants that haven't fit me in like 2 years (brag) and headed out.  I came across a neighbor that I haven't seen much of since school started and he asked if he was seeing "less" of me??    How nice of him to notice!   He told me that he saw Max and recognized him of course, but he saw me and thought "Anne must have hired a dog walker."  It really made my day.

I wish that I had some sort of biological plug in that you could tap into just to feel how great I've been feeling.  Aside from those first two weeks of starting this plan, it really doesn't feel like all that much work.  Of course I have my hard days and lots of battles with temptation all around me, but it just keeps getting easier.

I'm sure that it has a lot to do with where I was at mentally when I first signed up for this new way of eating.  I was VERY ready for it and I couldn't stand feeling so horrible for one more second.  Mindset is so important.  And if I didn't have Coach K on the sidelines cheering me on...  well, who knows just how "easy" this would be for me. 

I told Lisa that I'm amazed at how our paths crossed.  She went through some tough times to finally get to a place in life that makes her happy.  She has found her passion and is using it to help others which only leads to more happiness in her life...  isn't that genius?  Who knew that all those years of working in a job that drove her nutso would eventually lead her to this place.  What is it about her sign in front of her business that kept calling out to me every time I drove by it on my way to Target?  What finally made me call her?  I'll tell you, the second I heard her voice, I knew.  I knew I found what I needed before she even told me any details.

Speaking of driving to Target...  I don't spend nearly as much time there anymore.  In fact, my spending habits have really changed.  Not on purpose, I just don't have as much time to waste, and I also don't need that "shopper's high" that I love so much as often since I already feel good.  I'm finding that shopping is turning into an energy drainer.  I'd rather spend my time doing other more productive things.   Weird, huh?

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