Monday, November 14, 2011

Holding Steady...

Hi Ladies, Kristin here...  I'm still holding steady at about 7 pounds down since October 17th, so what that means to me is that I have not yo-yo'd at all in almost a month!  This is a huge accomplishment for me.  I credit my new way of eating, 100%.  I'm following the Four Basic Diet Rules RELIGIOUSLY, every day.  I don't eat unless I'm TRULY hungry.  That means, at the first sign of hunger, I don't stuff my face - I drink some ice water, a cup of tea, or I simply wait a little while before feeding myself.  When I do this, a LOT of times, what I thought was hunger simply vanishes.

I now always eat consciously, never while driving, never in front of the computer or t.v., never while multi-tasking.  I make every meal and snack an event all its own.  I SIT DOWN, take a little time with meal prep and presentation, and eat as slowly as I can - enjoying every bite.  I stick to single servings of single foods, and I've all but eliminated huge sit-down dinners with three courses, bread, and dessert.  They're not even missed!

I eat whatever I want - not what I "think I should" - but within reason.  I don't pig out anymore.  I am limiting my sugar drastically, and not wolfing entire boxes of Lifesaver Gummies or Good & Plenty when we watch a movie at home anymore.  I'm not snarfing ice cream with Hershey syrup every time my husband eats a little bowl.  I'm not eating entire bags of buttery microwave popcorn.  I'm not sucking down glasses of sangria whenever I feel like it.  I'm not eating second helpings of ANYTHING, and I'm trying my absolute hardest to AVOID ALL WHEAT.  I bought the "Wheat Belly Diet" book for my Nook.  I haven't had time to start reading it yet - but I will ASAP.  When I don't eat ANY wheat for a couple days straight, not only do I drop pounds, EVERY time, but I also end up having the most ridiculous energy I've ever experienced.  Wheat CLOGS ME UP and slows me down!!!

And finally, I am putting down my fork as soon as I start feeling a little bit full.  I am not clearing my plate every time I eat - I save my leftovers, and eat them for a snack later.  I've NEVER done this!  Now, when I'm full, I STOP - get up - and walk away.  This is probably the most important new "tactic" I have.  I feel empowered that I am able to do this now!  I am re-training myself, one day at a time.  I eat completely differently than I did just one month ago.

My biggest challenge continues to be restaurants.  SO many of them just don't have anything on them that fits into my new plan!  I mean, come on - I can only eat so many side salads and cups of vegetable soup!  I have found a few places that are "me" friendly, though, and I will continue to go there when possible!

I'll share a couple of my new faves, too:

SO yummy!!!
This grew on me after a couple times eating it!  Now I'm addicted!
Don't laugh - these are sweet, rice, and SO tasty!  And FOUR of them only contain 35 calories!
New fave flavor - key lime!  Tastes like lime sherbet!!!
Keep fighting the good fight, ladies!


  1. Awesome Kristin! I'm so very proud of you! Its becoming less of a chore to eat better these days and I find it almost fun to find new and interesting foods that are good for me. Restaurants are a challenge, but just remember to do your best, and always ask for substitutions. If all else fails, order whatever you want and just enjoy the crap out of it!! Not the end of the world! I just saw those crackers at the grocery store - I'm gonna try those next. I buy that brand of roasted nuts (yummo!). Keep up the good work, and be sure to post what you find out in that wheat belly book. I should get it, too.

  2. Thanks Anne! I am having the same fun trying to plug new and healthy/low-cal foods into my day. It gets SOOOOOOOOOO old eating raw veggies all the time, even though I love it. A person can only handle so many raw mushrooms, LOL!

    Restaurants are actually getting easier for me. Of course, I can't order what I'd really like to. I have favorite menu items at all of my favorite places in town, like everybody. If I go to Perkins? FRIES AND GRAVY, baby! (Though I haven't tasted those in a long LONG time...) Guadalajara Restaurant? Veggie fajitas or garlic-butter tilapia. YUM. But last night we went there, and I sipped my margarita - and enjoyed every drop, by the way...! - and I watched my hubby eat the fresh chips and salsa and I didn't eat a single one! THIS IS CRAZY-TALK, I KNOW!!! Of course, I didn't fare as well at the movie a half hour later, but movie date nights are a real treat for us, and I do as well as I can - I've cut WAY back on popcorn, candy. pop, etc.

    One other place I had some success at this week was India Palace - my all-time favorite restaurant in Duluth for the past 15 years. Their food is PERFECT. I normally start with a cup of hot chai tea, one vegetable samosa (basically pastry crust stuffed with Indian-seasoned mashed potatoes, peas, onions, etc. - YUM!), and then my MAIN course is always navraton korma, which literally means "9 vegetables" - swimming in a VERY rich, creamy, yogurt-based sauce. This, of course, is spooned over basmati rice and I never skip my order of naan bread - big, fluffy simple-flour breads that are similar to pita, but not dense or heavy. I dump rice and chutney on it and inhale. Well, THIS Tuesday, I skipped the samosas (WAH!), and SKIPPED THE NAAN (Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), and stuck to just my main course with a (much-smaller-than-usual) pile of rice.

    I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my stomach has shrunk so much recently, that I was absolutely STUFFED by the time I finished. And I did enjoy every bite, and I didn't really miss the appetizer or the bread. Everything still tasted incredible and I think from now on, I'll stick to the same abreviated spread!

    How are things going for everyone out there? :o)