Sunday, July 31, 2011

Okay everyone.  I'm back and I've been humbled and I'm sorry for my cranky last post.  It's time to get things back under control so after two months of eating like a third grader, I'm ready to get back to eating reasonable and healthy.  The good news:  I only gained three pounds during my hiatus from health.  The bad news:  I'm still not sick of hot dogs.  (did you know they make hot dogs with cheese RIGHT IN THEM?)  And I just discovered salt and vinegar kettle chips.  OMG.

I'm actually kind of looking forward to getting back to eating for one normal adult person, I am however, dreading getting back into the exercise routine because it doesn't take much for the muscles to atrophy enough to make even the simplest workout cause extreme stiffness the next day.  I HATE that.

I'm ready. I think.

Is anyone else still reading this blog?  How are you doing?

1 comment:

  1. There just aren't anything as orgasmic out there as salt & vinegar kettle chips. I've been inhaling bagfuls of them since the early '90's.

    And the cheese dogs. Uh-huh. I "buy them for the toddler." Who doesn't especially love them. Weirdo. So am I gonna let them rot in the fridge. No. That would be wasteful. And will I buy more when these are gone? Yep. At 120 calories per weenie, they're portable protein. Right? Even though The View panel told me this morning that ONE serving per day of nitrate-laden processed meat-products of any kind will increase my risk of colon cancer by 20%. Dammit, Baba Wawa!