Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I'm BACK! And fatter than ever!

It's been a long time but I'm back.  I can't deny it any longer, and I can't continue to test the tensile strength of denim any longer.  I am chunky.  I had to face facts this morning when I was forced to put on a pair of clean jeans because I spilled strawberry short cake all over the pair I had been wearing for days and days, and was planning to continue wearing for days and days.  I really really really didn't want to wear a pair of clean pants today.  You know how it is; those days when you feel extra bloaty (probably from the ginormous piece of cake you had last night) and the thought of slipping into some nicely stretched pants is just plain comforting.  I almost went ahead and wore the dirty jeans again because they are really dark and you couldn't see the stain, but then I thought to myself, "Self, you can't go that low.  Just put on some clean pants."  So I forced my enlarged thighs into the clean pants and if denim fibers were tiny people, they would have linked arms as if preparing for a tsunami, and if those tiny denim fibers could talk they would have said, "CAN'T. HOLD. ON. MUCH. LONGER!" through gritted teeth.  They did manage to hold the line all day, thank goodness, and the pants have loosened considerably throughout the day.  Broken in!  I will not have to put a pair of fresh denim pants on until I loose five pounds, and that, my friends, will make all the difference.

What's my plan THIS time?  Well, the usual.  I'm going weigh myself regularly, track what I eat, and exercise.  Sigh.  Starting tomorrow.  Anne says to cut back on the wheat too.  I'll try that.  But Mama loves her some wheat, so I'm not too optimistic about that.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


So, yeah.  I've been a hermit.  Only reason being, nothing fantabulous to report.  I've had two decidedly depressing eating months.  Now, I'm hoping for YET ANOTHER re-boot.  Actually, I'm out of time - my class reunion finally looms closer than is comfortable.  By July 7th, I have to be 28.5 pounds lighter, or I'm staying the **ck home.

I've signed up on the free "SparkPeople" site, to help with daily tracking of nutrition and exercise minutes.  Boy, is this a huge help!  I've been carrying around little scraps of paper the past twelve years, with my food intake and exercise scribbled on it.  Now, with the SparkPeople free app for my android phone, I always have my list right in my pocket.  I highly recommend this site for anyone who counts calories, or who would like daily motivation (FREE!) and tips and encouragement.  Kind of like a free Internet guru, LOL!

You can follow it online at:    www.sparkpeople.com
or find the free apps at the android app store.
(This site is very similar to "My Fitness Pal," if you've heard of that one!)

Well, I'm off to plan an Oscars evening at home with my Mom.  I watch the Oscars EVERY YEAR.  I can't remember the last time I've missed them, honestly.  I'm planning big salads and hot tea, instead of chips and pop and other crap food.  Yay.  I'm also planning to be on the elliptical for at least an hour of the show.  Yay.

How's everyone doing out there?  Wondering if anyone still checks this blog?  If so, soldier on, ladies!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy February!

I made it through the 4 week challenge.  I only cheated a couple of times (pizza), but I think that's ok considering....

I feel better and look better.  I don't have that puffy look, esp in my face.  And my skin continues to change for the better also.  My weight didn't change much, but that has more to do with my portion control, or lack of it.

I went back to days 1-4 of my diet plan and hello, wake up call.  Even though I have been eating super healthy foods, I've been eating too much of them.  Time to scale it back a notch and on day three, I'm noticing a big difference.

Carry on!