Sunday, February 26, 2012


So, yeah.  I've been a hermit.  Only reason being, nothing fantabulous to report.  I've had two decidedly depressing eating months.  Now, I'm hoping for YET ANOTHER re-boot.  Actually, I'm out of time - my class reunion finally looms closer than is comfortable.  By July 7th, I have to be 28.5 pounds lighter, or I'm staying the **ck home.

I've signed up on the free "SparkPeople" site, to help with daily tracking of nutrition and exercise minutes.  Boy, is this a huge help!  I've been carrying around little scraps of paper the past twelve years, with my food intake and exercise scribbled on it.  Now, with the SparkPeople free app for my android phone, I always have my list right in my pocket.  I highly recommend this site for anyone who counts calories, or who would like daily motivation (FREE!) and tips and encouragement.  Kind of like a free Internet guru, LOL!

You can follow it online at:
or find the free apps at the android app store.
(This site is very similar to "My Fitness Pal," if you've heard of that one!)

Well, I'm off to plan an Oscars evening at home with my Mom.  I watch the Oscars EVERY YEAR.  I can't remember the last time I've missed them, honestly.  I'm planning big salads and hot tea, instead of chips and pop and other crap food.  Yay.  I'm also planning to be on the elliptical for at least an hour of the show.  Yay.

How's everyone doing out there?  Wondering if anyone still checks this blog?  If so, soldier on, ladies!!!!!!!

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