Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Survived My Reunion!

Well, I survived my 25-year reunion.  I ate as little as possible the three weeks leading up to it, and this past weekend it was party-hardy time.  I managed to get down to within 11.5 pounds of my goal weight, which was fine and dandy by me.  Today, three days post-party, I am bloated and puffy and haven't touched the treadmill or elliptical since Friday.  Today, I resumed eating lighter again.  Lots of water, tea, a little coffee, no alcohol, etc.  Low-calorie, low-carb, lot-fat, low-junk foods.  No wheat.  Fat-free dairy.  No refined sugar.  Basically, no more crap foods. 

I'm still committed to getting down to 125, even though the reunion is done.  I have felt so much better doing my early morning workouts, that I am hoping to just make them a permanent part of my life from now on.  I have no excuses; there is absolutely zero reason why I can't do that.

I also am committed to staying away from junk food.  Same thing; I feel 1000% better when I'm not eating it.  I'll eat a sandwich from time to time, or other things with a little wheat in them or refined sugar in them, but in general I've revamped the way I eat and I know it all helped with making me feel better.  When I do the early workouts, I have insane energy ALL DAY.  Still.  It still works.  Incredible.  And when I stay away from those foods that bog down my system and make me feel puffy and flaccid and lethargic, I feel healthier and happier and more content with life in general.  I feel empowered!  I'm not worried anymore about whether I will be able to keep the healthier eating and exercising going.  I KNOW I CAN do it.  It's a whole new life for me.

How're y'all doing out there?  Any July news?  I still love the feedback  - it always helps to know there are others out there dealing with the same crappy weight battle!!!  Comrades!    :o)

Me & my hubby, at my reunion on Saturday.    :o)

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