Monday, June 25, 2012

June State of the Diet Address

Hi again.  It's June.  I'm still dieting.  Pretty successfully too, I think.  I haven't weighed myself in quite some time because it's just so dang disappointing.  I feel like I've been losing tens of pounds and then I get on the scale and I've lost half a pound, or no pounds at all.  So I think I've only weighed in one time in the past month or so.  My shorts are loose though, and that is great because when I tried them on in April before my DC trip, they were all so tight that the pockets pulled.  I had to get new shorts for the trip.  Now my old shorts fit me again which is great but I'm worried I will get complacent now because if my clothes fit, why diet?  Because it's good for me, that's why.  I have been feeling VERY good lately.  In fact, I have noticed that I've not needed to take nearly as much Ibuprofen as I had been taking.  My hip feels better I think because I've been exercising and strengthening the muscles around it.  That's good.  I have ab muscles again.  Not a six pack, more like a two pack, but still; ab muscles.  I meant to get back to my workout videos but I just couldn't stand the thought of them anymore so I made up my own workout that I do a few times a week.  I do four sets of a circuit.  Each circuit has one round of shoulders, back, abs, legs, abs, legs, chest, arms and abs and legs again.  I do 25 reps of each exercise for each thing.  It takes about 45 minutes.  On the days I don't do that I walk four miles as fast as I can.  That takes about an hour.  Much better than workout videos.

I'm still on the Slimkicker website.  I find that I go over my sugar limit almost every day.  I would say I should work on making that better, but I go over the sugar limit with three pieces of fruit.  Big whoop.  I'm not very concerned about that.  Otherwise I've been "in the green" as they say on the site.  I've had a few hungry days when I totally blow it and eat what I want, but not too many.  I don't feel bad about it.  I even started doing some of the challenges on the site too to get more points.

That is the state of the diet.  Things are going well. 

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  1. This sounds great, SL! Was good to see you Saturday - you DO look happy and healthy and fit, though I thought you did the last time we had Book Club, too... was that just in May at Green Mill?! It seems like longer...

    You're doing fabulous. If you ever want to go for a walk on the Lakewalk or the munger Trail, let me know - I would totally go! I am LOVING the walking (though so far, only on the treadmill/elliptical)... I can't go as fast as I'd like to; wrecked my knees and ankles in Jr. High with Cross Country, UGH. I doubt I could do four miles in an hour... I do exactly THREE miles an hour on the treadmill at only 3.5% incline, LOL!

    Keep up the great work!!! FANTASTIC!
    I'll post soon... :o)