Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July State of the Diet Address

My Fellow Americans,
It has been a rough several weeks.  Things were going smoothly in May and in June but the beautiful weather, combined with leaving home and going on vacation were devastating for the diet.  I went from happily keeping track of what I eat and keeping a healthy ratio between carbs, fat, protien, etc. etc., to eating all sugar all the time.  I did manage to stay relatively active the whole time I was gone though, and that's something.  I walked and kayaked almost every day.  I haven't weighed myself yet because I'm just not up for that yet and also because I always forget to do it before I eat breakfast and there is no way I'm weighing myself with even an extra ounce of food in my body.  That's just crazy.

Now I'm back and I went shopping and only got good, healthy food.  I feel better already.  


  1. I hear ya, loud and clear. Motivation is a fickle mistress. (What does that even mean?)

    My July has mirrored yours. Reunion in the bag, was down to within 12 pounds of my eventual "goal" weight, and then....... carbaliscious armageddon.

    I've gained back 5 of the 17 I had lost.....................................


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