Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Still Going Strong!

It's crazy, I KNOW!  But since my last post 15 days ago, this is by far the LONGEST I have stuck to a "plan" and not ended up fizzling out along the way.  Two weeks, and I'm still dropping pounds.  I started at 152.0 on April 23rd, and today I am 141.5.  THIS IS BIG!  I am pumped.  I am still doing the every day early-morning workouts, and I am absolutely convinced the morning exercise - a treadmill jaunt, an elliptical session, a simple walk - ANYTHING - is the Magic Pill.  It gets my entire BEING moving.  Mentally, I feel GREAT right at the start of my day, and that keeps me motivated all day to eat the right stuff.  When I have moments of weakness (and believe me, I DO...), I indulge - but on a very small scale, and I make sure I record every single calorie.  This means that instead of blowing the whole day after I eat lunch at India Palace, because I convince myself stupidly that the entire day is a wash - I write it down, I recover emotionally, I MOVE ON - right back to my careful recording of calories.  I NEVER deny myself a bite of something others are pigging out on in front of me - I eat the cookie, or I sample the pizza - but instead of eating an entire serving of something unhealthy, I just taste - and then I STOP.  This is something I have never, EVER been able to do - until now.

My "eat light" efforts have been assisted somewhat the past 5 days by the fact that I got my tongue pierced last Friday.  I've been drinking a lot of Slim Fast shakes and iced coffee, LOL.  But today I found I could eat almost normally, and instead of being swollen to the size of a large potato, my tongue is now more plum-sized.  HOORAY!  We women do the most bizarre things when faced with crippling emotional upheaval and impending midlife crises... More on that some other time.

I hope y'all are still fighting the good fight out there!  Keep at it!  This is a battle that CAN and WILL BE WON!!!


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