Saturday, March 10, 2012

Half-Assing It

I have been doing horrible on the diet front this week.  I just LOVE food so much!  And I hate feeling hungry, like really really hate it.  I see areas where I could improve though, for instance like yesterday when I came home from school and I was STARVING.  I could have had a banana or a piece of toast, but instead I had about 30 crackers with cream cheese on them.  They were SO good, but not exactly beneficial to the diet.

I have been exercising pretty regularly about every other day.  I really pushed it on the elliptical the other day and I think I made my heart muscle sore because my chest still feels weird.  But maybe I'm getting a cold.  I did one of my old workout tapes the other day and was absolutely crippled with muscle soreness yesterday.  I hate when my legs are so sore that I have to put a hand down between my legs to support my weight before I sit down on the toilet or else I will collapse and probably break the seat.

I hate to admit this, but it seems I am the only person looking at this blog lately so I will go ahead and tell you.  I haven't put on a clean pair of pants in two weeks.  Isn't that gross?  I just can't face it.  And the dirty pants are so comfortable.  I also can't face buying a size bigger.

Monday is weigh day and the weekend isn't looking promising as far as being a good dieter.  I dread looking at the scale but I'm going to make myself.


  1. And how did you do?

  2. I'm so so so happy you're back Sarah, that I'm gonna go eat something to celebrate. No, but seriously! VERY happy to have somewhere to come and rant. I found out quickly that with the Facebook page that I visit with my Mom & sis, the ranting isn't really...helpful. All three of us are Damaged Dieters. Dana and I have been dieting for roughly 15 years, but our dear mother, well....... She weighed 96 pounds in KINDERGARTEN. So, yeah - try 61 YEARS of dieting, every day, every meal, every bite. I have to tread lightly with Mom, because it is beyond a point of sensitivity there. And she's exactly how you described, too - the first tiny sign of failure on a new diet or eating plan is so depressing for her, so debilitating, that she binges and bloats and beats herself up for weeks and weeks, and then when she picks herself up to try again, she's even heavier. It's 61 years of yo-yoing, non-stop, continuous, with little triumphs and successes here and there, but always the inevitable binge and loss of motivation. I wish I knew how to help her more. I will say, having someone to diet WITH seems to be very helpful for all three of us, keeping us accountable at least to two other people, if not ourselves - I am trying harder, and they seem to be, too.

    I will admit it here - if for no other reason than you (and possibly Anne...?) may be the only people who see it: I have worn the same pair of jeans since Christmas. Not ONE single other pair of pants have touched my body. I wash them - when I feel like it. And they're JEGGINGS - OMG, if you haven't tried on a pair of jeggings, GO DO IT - NOW!!!!! I thought they were for scrawny size-0 teens. Nope: they're for fatties, too!!! I'm wearing a pair of size 7 jeggings that I got at Deb, but they also have them at Target - they're cheap; $20! And COMFY. And STRETCHY!!! And no camel toe. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How did the scale treat you on Monday???
    Mine was a cruel, cruel bastard. Damn pow wow frybread on Saturday. And junk food. And frybread. Then Sunday was a day of mourning, due to the fact that I ate all that frybread. You get the picture...

    I am a food-lover, too. How do we reverse this??? CAN it be reversed???