Thursday, June 23, 2011

Let's Re-Boot, Ladies!!! What Say You???

Howdy, girls!  

How goes it out there???  I am losing pounds again.  I'll keep this short (hahahahahaha) because it's 11:00 a.m., and I was supposed to be at work 2+ hours ago.  BLAH.  I'm heading to Chicago at 5 a.m. tomorrow, caravanning (a word, yes?) behind my little sister, and I'm busy pre-packing (making lists.)  But I wanted to stop here first, to rev y'all up for the weekend.

If you think about it, the summer is just barely under way.  And in my little town, it hasn't started yet.  SO...  I'm forcing myself to look at June kind of as a "precursor" to my "actual" summer.  That way, I don't feel quite so much like I just ate my way through the past SIXTY days.  OMG.  I just counted them.  WTF?!


This link is the coolest thing:

Cool Calorie Calculator 

Using this tool, I found I was under-eating by at least 100 calories per day, so I added them in - and I am now still counting every calorie, but I'm allowing myself 1200 per day.

I'm eating 2-3 frozen meals per day - they make up about 3/4 of my total calories.  They are literally doing the job for me!!!  And the variety out there is ridiculous!!!  Frozen meals are NOT what they used to be, ladies.  If you haven't looked up and down every aisle in your grocery store's freezer case, please take my word for it - you're missing out on a lot of fun eating!!!  PIZZA, for one!  I thought I would not be tasting pizza for a very, VERY long time.  Now, I eat it whenever I want - in 200-calorie-counted increments!  It completely makes me feel like I'm cheating, but then...I'm down a pound the next day!  Go figure.

I'm trying to do no less than 4 machine workouts per week, roughly 45 minutes each  (elliptical or treadmill).  I go S-L-O-W-L-Y.  I'm not exactly breaking a huge sweat here.  BUT... my calf muscles are back!  They're still covered with 19 pounds of extra pudge, but I intend for that to be gone by August 15th.   !!!

I'm trying to do a few other things, too.  Get enough sleep.  Drink as much plain ice water as I can stand.  (Even with a little lemon to make it interesting, YUCK!)  I have completely cut out sangria - simply too many calories.  (Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!)  I only drink a real Coke Classic on VERY special occasions.  <sniff sniff>  I'm eating as much raw/fresh veggies and fruits as I can cram in.  Lots of berries.  Fish and lean meats (venison & poultry).  Lots of raw almonds.  An avocado here and there.  Salads.  LOTS of them.  Virtually no white flour carbs.  (NO crackers or chips.)  A VERY LITTLE dish of pasta or rice off and on - maybe twice per week.  A diet-sized "bagel" maybe once a week.  And hardly any cereal (my favorite FAVORITE snack) unless it's Grape Nuts, Bran Buds, or steel-cut cooked oatmeal.  <sigh>

So, I'm trying.  Again.  I won't give this up.  I simply CAN NOT go into the Fall in the same condition I was last year.  (Which was, 40 pounds over-weight, pudgy, bloated, flaccid, ALL that...and then Thanksgiving and Christmas eating hit me.  HELLZ NO!!!)

Soldier on, ladies... Would love to hear your thoughts and progress!!!  I still check this blog every single day.  It helps and motivates!!! 

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