Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's Rapture Week!

I'm taking the week off of dieting, and of feeling guilty for not dieting.  The reason:  The Rapture.  If I live until Sunday I'll get back on the old diet horse, until then I will stuff my pre-apocalypse face with anything I want.  I have a feeling my post apocalypse face will be a little fatter, if it's not burning in eternal hell-fire.

1 comment:

  1. OMG - ROTFL! Have to borrow this pic; LMAO.

    I've been taking a slight "diet break" as well. Not going holy-hell over-board, but close to it. Haven't been writing down every bite, like I know I have to, in order to stick to the 1100 calorie goal...but I've been writing down what I eat. Not always how much of it, but at least WHAT.

    Need to find my motivation again somehow. Did really well for many consecutive weeks, and was down 19.0 pounds 2 weeks ago. I've re-gained 4.0 of those pounds, BLAH. Want them GONE.

    I guess now that we've survived the Rapture, there's nothing else to stop us now, eh? LMAO.