Monday, February 21, 2011

i fell off the wagon a little

the last two weeks i was pretty half-assing the working out, and not paying attention to what i ate at all.  i blame part of that on valentine's day (and all the candy that suddenly showed up in the house) and part of it to getting food poisoning and only being able to tolerate the blandest of foods for a few days.  my old running shoes were in poor shape as well; i started noticing that working out and walking in them made my left foot especially ache, and my back and hips were also protesting.  i've had that pair of runners for over a year, walked a half marathon in them (in biblical-flood type rain), and realized that it might be time for new footwear.  this friday i bit the bullet and went shoe shopping, and found the above pair.  not too cool looking, but i only have a few criteria when it comes to walking shoes, the main one being that they cannot be WHITE.  i'm a slob, and white shoes announce that to anyone to sees them.  ahem.  these grey ones aren't nearly as cute as my last pair, but they were on sale, fit great, and after breaking them in this weekend, i only got one little raw spot on my heel.  they're winners to me!

i read something the other day that if you look at mondays as a "clean slate" and try to implement diet and exercise stuff on that day, your chances of following through and continuing that trend continue for the week.  that made me feel cheerful.  i do notice that if i work out on mondays, i tend to work out more during the week.  while the past two weeks haven't been the best as far as working out and food goes, i'm kind of amazed it took me a whole month to have a slip-up, i thought i'd stick with the better eating and working out for a month at best, and look!  we are into month two!  i might not have lost a ton of weight yet, but i feel stronger, i can walk a lot farther and stay on the elliptical longer without killing myself, and both of those things are positive changes.

i have a tiny 5k coming up in march, anyone else have any fun fitness things coming up?


  1. A 5K! Good for you! I'm looking for something fitness related to do as a goal so I'm not just exercising for my own health (boooorrriiinnnggg) but I LOATHE running. I'm taking my kids to DC in April and we are going to walk miles and miles and miles. My fitness goal is to have more endurance than them. They are already talking about segway tours. No Fricking Way!

  2. the 5k we're doing is a walking one. i can't really run for long periods, but i can totally jog for like three minutes. ha! the awesome thing about the shamrock run is that when it ends, you get a free beer. FREE BEER. dear god, i love portland.

  3. Great job on the Monday motivation and upcoming 5k, Amanda! I could never run (maybe walk...) that far all at once. Thinking of taking my sister up on her insistence that I join her Zumba class, though I did just buy Zumba for the Wii - can't wait to try it! The cute sales boy at Best Buy told me "all the ladies are crazy for it." Ha. (Sarah, it's through Proctor Community Ed. and Dana says it's a blast. She said it's $30 for 6 sessions, and classes run all year I think. There's online registration at, at the Community Ed. link on the top, under "register online" and "health/fitness classes." And the best part??? Zumba parties for the class at STARGATE! I can see it now; 100 sweaty, mostly out-of-shape chicks Zumba-ing on the dance floor with the huge screen. Priceless.
    No beer, though.) :o(